Our young great team! EDS-Brussel 2016 -class Winners! 3 countries Champions, HD/ED frei!

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Dracula Dog Show CACIB 03.09.2016-Crufts Qualification 2017!

Dracula Dog Show CACIB 03.09.2016-Crufts Qualification 2017

Made in BlackRott Max- champ. class, excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB- judge Szabo Sandor (HU)
Made in BlackRott Unique- interm. class, excellent 2, Res.CAC- judge Szabo Sandor (HU)

The lovely Max @ 23 months old- become Champion of Romania

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European Dog Show Brussel 28.08.2016! Great results for our Team!!!

BlackRott TEAM results:

European Dog Show Brusssel 2016


Made in BlackRott Max- interm. class WINNER , Excellent 1, CAC

Made in BlackRott Merlin- champ.class, Excellent 3


Made in BlackRott Perdy-interm. class WINNER, Excellent 1, CAC

Judge Sebastian Harnik (PL)

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