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Available puppies- just 3 females!!!

Black-Rott Hungary Jago (son of Astor v Junipera ) x Black-Rott Hungary Inna

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Made in BlackRott Boom results- CACIB Slovenia 19-20.04.2014!!!

Made in BlackRott Boom- BlackRott Franco”s son!

CACIB Maribor– 19.04.2014-interm. class- excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB– judge Petr Rehanek (CZ)

CACIB Maribor– 20.04.2014-interm. class- excellent 1- CAC, CACIB, BM, BOS– judge Boris Baic (Sl)


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The 3 rd revised and updated edition of the Rottweiler book!!!


dr. prof. Ioan Bud, ing. ANDRAS MAKO, Adrian Bud

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